Luis González Canomanuel

Comunicación Corporativa.
Relaciones Públicas

After a long career as head of Corporate Communication, in companies like BMW Ibérica, I founded my own company LUCA Comunicación Corporativa to use my experience and knowledge for other companies and clients in other sectors as strategic consultant and manager of PR projects and activities.

In our company we have managed national and international PR, Corporate Communication, Reputation and Intangible Assets programs and activities of companies and organizations in several economy sectors and highly competitive industries: Automotive, Energy, Communication, Marine, Sports, Tourism, Consulting, Education, Sponsorship, Luxury-Premium, etc.

With more than 25 years of experience we are proud of having contributed to highly reputed companies and institutions: BMW, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Hercesa, Discovery, BP, Rodman, Land Rover, Castrol, Marina Estrella, Service Point, Sylvania, Sercotel, etc., what makes us quite unique.
Our creativity and proactivity goes far beyond our PR expertise as founder and manager of communication and sports projects in the automotive and communication industries: Spanish National F3 Team, Sponsoring & Mecenazgo, Dircom, IPRN, LUCA, Motor Show Festival, etc.
Interested in the management and development of Corporate Communication, PR, Reputation and Intangible Assets of companies and institutions of any sector worldwide.
Corporate Communication, PR, National and international media relations, Management of Credibility, Awarness, Reputation, Intangible Assets, CSR and Networking, etc.